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Waiver Case Management services assist you with service planning, provider selection and coordination of care. The goal for case management is to provide resources and guidance for our clients while empowering them to be in the "driver's seat" of their care. As the goals and needs of those we serve change, we are here to ensure their supports and services are adjusting as well.

Current Openings: Current Openings

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  • Service initiation
  • Service plan and goal plan development
  • Identify and select service providers
  • Coordination of service contracts and funding
  • Care assessment and adjustments to service plan as needed
  • This service is funded by the Waiver program, and provided under DHS “Tramadol Buy Europe

The In-Home Solution

Services delivered one-on-one for those with a mental illness or disability, including:
- Housing Stabilization Services
- Waiver Case Management
- 24-Hour Go Supportive Line (DHS "Emergency Assistance")

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