COVID-19 Update

To our Whittier & Serenity clients, their families and care teams,

As you may recall, on our May 1, 2020, update we informed you that we proactively quarantined all clients at Whittier and Serenity for two weeks. This quarantine began in the evening on April 29th and we are delighted to report that many of the clients who had received COVID diagnoses at Whittier are fully recovered.  Due to a significant reduction in the number of active COVID positive cases, we were able to roll back the campus-wide quarantine on Saturday May 16th and encouraged our clients to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!

The team at the Whittier Campus thanks you for your support and confidence in them throughout this challenge. We cannot let the opportunity pass to shout out a huge acknowledgement to our incredible team at SLS.  Team members from across the company pitched in to help in any way they could to make this feat happen, the outpouring of love and dedication for our clients was remarkable. We couldn’t have done it without the outstanding cooperation of our clients, they were great sports about the quarantine, and they demonstrated a sincere concern for containing the spread in our community.

Going forward SLS will continue to follow all preparedness plan guidelines and require individual client quarantines as needed. It may be possible that a quarantine will be necessary at Whittier, Serenity or another SLS facilities in the coming days, weeks or months, but we are pleased to see overall client health at Whittier continue in a positive direction. Throughout this pandemic SLS has and will continue to comply with and implement the applicable requirements our governing and licensing bodies ask of us.

  • We will continue to maintain visitor restrictions at these facilities. As a general rule, only emergency personnel will be permitted in addition to staff and clients.
  • We will continue to clean and sanitize common areas and bathrooms multiple times per day.
  • Our team will practice good hand hygiene and will continue to encourage clients to as well.
  • Our team will wear masks at all times and will use additional Personal Protective Equipment when coming in contact with clients or entering client rooms.
  • We’ve asked clients to wear masks whenever they interact with staff or other clients.
  • We will conduct daily temperature checks and COVID screening of our clients and staff.

Our team members are lovingly dedicated to promoting the happiness, health, and well-being of our valued clients.  If you have any specific questions, please reach out to us. Your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

~ the Supportive Living Solutions team