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The truth exists, however, I feel it is rarely sought and more rarely found.  




Because often, we are too busy making snap decisions or trying to prove that we are right.  Don’t believe me?  Think about the last disagreement you had, the last argument, or the last political debate you heard.  Chances are good that it was NOT a discussion focused on uncovering truth, but was instead a battle over who was right with little openness to an opposing viewpoint.


For the last several weeks I have found myself meditating on a quote from top world poker player, author, and Columbia University Graduate Annie Duke:


“When two extreme opinions meet, the truth lies generally somewhere in the middle.  Without exposure to the other side, you will naturally drift toward the extremes and away from the truth of the matter.”


The question is, when opposing opinions present themselves, are we intentionally inviting exposure to the other side?  Not simply to placate the other person, but to truly pursue the truth of the matter.  


Are we willing to sacrifice what we think is right for what might be true?


Keep this in mind the next time you catch yourself trying to prove yourself right.  To quote SLS President, Angelica Young, “Before you get critical, get curious.”  I promise it will lead to uncovering more truth, making better decisions, and developing deeper relationships.

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