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We have provided Housing Access Coordination for years, and have served thousands of clients with a goal of breaking the cycle of instability. We are excited to share that we are now providing the NEW service Housing Stabilization, which is replacing Housing Access Coordination. The two new services within Housing Stabilization compliment each other well and offer the ability to choose the most appropriate service - whether that is finding new housing for an individual, or a supporting an individual that is housed, but has a history of housing instability.

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Housing Stabilization consists of two services:

  • Transition services – our team will assist you through the housing search and moving processes with a 7-step strategy proven to generate viable opportunities. Whether advocating for a more accessible unit in your current building or locating landlords that accept a criminal record, we will work tirelessly with you to identify and overcome barriers as a team.
  • Sustaining services – our team will do everything we can to help you in maintaining your current housing.  Whether it is assistance with budgeting, paying rent, or identifying local resources, our goal is achieving housing stability!
  • This service is funded through insurance, and is provided under DHS “Housing Stabilization Services

The In-Home Solution

Services delivered one-on-one for those with a mental illness or disability, including:
- Housing Stabilization Services
- Waiver Case Management
- 24-Hour Go Supportive Line (DHS "Emergency Assistance")

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