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In our Housing Stabilization Services division we work alongside our clients to identify barriers, seek out resources, locate and move into new housing, and foster client-focused interpersonal connections within their communities to break the cycle of housing instability.

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Housing Stabilization consists of two services:

  • Transition service – In collaboration with our clients, our team focuses on identifying and overcoming barriers to housing stability. We support individuals in search of new housing opportunities by advocating for a more accessible unit, performing comprehensive housing searches, locating landlords that accept a criminal record, and coordinating the moving process.
  • Sustaining service – Together with our clients, our team supports individuals in their efforts to maintain living in the community. Whether it is assistance with budgeting, paying rent, or identifying local resources, Sustaining Service is designed to support and maintain long-term housing stability.

Housing Stabilization is funded through insurance and is provided under the Minnesota Department of Human Services “Housing Stabilization Services

In-Home Services

Services delivered one-on-one for those with a mental illness or disability, including:
- Housing Stabilization Services
- Waiver Case Management
- 24-Hour Go Supportive Line (DHS "Emergency Assistance")

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