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Welcome to the SLS Impact!

I am excited to be able to present the first SLS Impact blog!  The purpose of this blog is to further our mission of improving the quality of life in our communities by helping all of us become the best version of ourselves.

Maybe you came across this blog as you were scouring the internet looking for someone or something to help you overcome a destructive addiction.  Perhaps you have realized you don’t have the knowledge or understanding to help a loved one through their struggles with a mental illness. Possibly you have been given the privilege to serve as a case manager or caregiver and are searching for more tools to better help others.  Either way, aren’t we all seeking to improve ourselves and have a greater positive impact on those around us?

In this blog, we will bring information, ideas, and practical tools to help people become a better version of themselves, and therefore, a better servant to our communities.  After all, it really isn’t companies, charities, counties, or states that provide for our communities . . . it is people like you and me.  I hope that with contributions from a variety of leaders at SLS, the SLS Impact blog will truly have a positive impact on you.

In the weeks ahead I promise to bring some new ideas and remind you of some old ones. I hope that they will inspire, motivate, and equip you in whatever role you are currently fulfilling in our community.

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